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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old man in the house...!

"How could Rahul Gandhi campaign for an old man?" Akhilesh Yadav, UP MLA. Now I be reading the newspaper every morning, right, and my eyes they see this headline on inside page and me think, how old this man be that Rahul he campaigns for and oh my gosh I hear it be Raj Babbar and he be only fifty seven! Fifty-seven years old and they be calling him old? And in my eye I see good ole Morarji, he be our prime minister once and he be in his eighties and nobody thought him old except maybe the opposition and since the opposition be nearly as old as he be, nobody took notice what they say. And now fifty-seven be thought of as old. And I be wondering how old this young gentleman he want his MLA's to be, not Rahul, but this Akhilesh Yadav? "How old you want your candidate to be, sir?" MLA, "The younger the better! In fact I'd like my son to stand in the next elections!"
"And how old is your son, sir?" MLA, "This be my wife, and you can see that she is…"
"Pregnant?" MLA, "Yes, yes and so in the next elections he will be five years old!" Exclaims, "Five years old!" MLA, "A little too old, isn't it? But what to do, he is due only after these elections and now he'll have to wait, though I hope Rahul doesn't think he be too old to stand!"
"Sir, MLA sahib!" MLA replies, "Yes, yes, what?"
"You don't think five years is a little too young for being an MLA?" MLA asks, "Why you think that way?"
"I was just wondering, if you don't mind sir!" MLA, "Look at me!"
"Yes sir, I am looking!" MLA, "Now look at that little boy there! What he is doing?"
"Throwing stones!" MLA, "He throw stones, I throw mike. He spins top, I spin yarns to my voters. He flies kites I fly plane to Switzerland with my cash. What difference?"
"No difference, sir!" I said and wandered away before the next stone from the little boy hit me. I reached home and switched on the idiot box in time to see slaps being given, insults heard and fists flashing. "What's happening?" I asked. "Fighting in the Assembly!"
I turned to see Rahul behind, "Look at the children fighting!" I said angrily.
The young heir to the PM's throne smiled, "Have patience Bob, now you know why I've sent old man into the House…!"

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