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Monday, September 26, 2011

Protocol on Conservation of the Royal Bengal Tiger of the Sunderban between the Government of the Republic of India (the "India") and Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh (the "Bangladesh")

Sunderban, which is an excellent tiger habitat and the largest sanctuary for the Royal Bengal Tiger in the world, stands across the common boundary of India and Bangladesh; and
India and Bangladesh have a shared and common concern of the Royal Bengal Tiger and accordingly wish to take certain bilateral initiatives for ensuring the survival and conservation of the tiger in the unique ecosystem of Sunderban; and
It is necessary to intensify the efforts for the safety of the Royal Bengal Tiger.
Now, therefore, India and Bangladesh hereby agree as following:
Article I
1. Both countries
(a) will undertake bilateral scientific and research projects to promote their understanding and knowledge of the Sunderban's Royal Bengal Tiger and including habitat will develop information systems, share research data and conduct joint research;
(b) will exchange personnel for training and promotion of education;
(c) will undertake patrolling of the Sunderban waterways on their respective sides to prevent poaching or smuggling of derivatives from wildlife;
(d) agree that either party will not undertake any activity, which will have adverse effect on the biodiversity and the unique ecosystem of Sunderban. However, no restriction on border domination activities be imposed;
(e) will include the safety of Royal Bengal Tiger as an agenda in all border meetings involving the habitat of the tiger.
Article II
2. For the purpose of training and promotion of education referred to in clause (b) of Article I of this Protocol, the Government of India, at the request of the Government of Bangladesh, will reserve at least four seats for personnel from Bangladesh in the nine months Diploma Course in the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun.
Article III
A special committee will be constituted in each country to examine human casualties that take place in the Sunderban by tiger attacks with a view to sharing experiences from either side, and to act in consultation with the other side, if necessary.
Article IV
Forest Officers or Park Directors from both the countries will hold periodic meetings on either side of the Sunderban alternately, with a view to sharing management strategies and creating innovative and common management approaches.
Article V
High level Ministerial level meetings will be held to follow up all the recommended actions between the two countries.
Article VI
The Protocol can be amended by mutual consent.
Article VII
The Protocol shall remain valid for 5 (five) years and shall be automatically renewed at the expiry of each period, unless terminated by mutual consent for which the Party desiring to terminate shall serve on the other Party a notice 90 (ninety) days prior to the date from which termination becomes effective. The termination of this Protocol shall not affect completion of any project which has made substantial progress.

Signed at Dhaka on the Sixth day of September, 2011 in two originals in English language, each of which is equally authentic.

For and on behalf of the For and on behalf of the
Government of the Government of the People's Republic of India Republic of Bangladesh

The F Express. 08-09-2011. Sub: BD-India relations

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