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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Highly destructive weapons being smuggled from India Criminals changing tactics to smuggle in weapons: DG of BGB


Highly destructive improvised explosive devices (IED), explosive gels, guns and small arms, and ammunition are being smuggled into Bangladesh through various points along the international border (IB) with India,
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and intelligence agencies said. They warned that these weapons and ammunition could be used to create disturbance and carry out sabotage activities inside the country.    
The BGB recently recovered IEDs, detonators, explosive gels, AK-47, AK-56 and Self-Loading Rifles (SLR), Light Machine Guns (LMG) and automatic rifles from various points along the IB. According to sources, these weapons and explosives originated in India and involve certain criminal syndicates who are engaged in smuggling activity.
After intercepting a consignment of IEDs recently, the BGB came across a letter written in Urdu containing the description and type of ordnance. Upon translating the letter it was learnt that it was written by one Manjur Khan to Mizan Vai describing the destructive capability of the IEDs. “It (IED) is not an ordinary weapon. It is capable of killing at least a thousand people at a time if used at a public gathering. If it’s used in an airplane it can be destroyed in a few seconds. I (Manjur Khan) am also providing an expert along with this consignment, who will work for you. But, please keep this a secret.”
Intelligence sources said that they are trying to arrest Mizan Vai and his followers on the basis of the letter.
According to experts an IED is an explosive device that’s used in unconventional military action. IED is a favourite weapon for many insurgent groups across the world such as the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the erstwhile Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka. IEDs accounted for approximately 63 percent of deaths of coalition forces in Iraq and 66 percent in Afghanistan.
The authorities concerned, especially the BGB, sent letters to their Indian counterpart, the Border Security Force (BSF), urging them to take necessary action to stop the trafficking of arms and explosives, sources added.
Maj. Gen. Aziz Ahmed, Director General, BGB told The Independent that arms and explosives are entering the country through several border points. “Criminals have changed their strategy for trafficking weapons. They are smuggling in weapons in phases using fake identities and origin.
We’ve alerted our forces along the border and it’s possible to reduce the entry of arms and ammunition in spite of the new strategies adopted by the smugglers,” said Ahmed
According to sources, the BGB recovered a huge quantity of firearms and ammunitions following a special operation at Boradom Dukhi Para, 18 km inside the Bangladesh border under Baghaichari upazila of Rangamati district on August 15. The recovered arms and ammunition were made in India and manufactured by the OFV (Ordinance Factory of Varangaon, Maharashtra) and KF (Ammunition Factory at Khadki, Pune).
On February 8, the BGB recovered eight sets of highly-destructive IED from a bus passenger on the Ashampur road of Tamabil, Sylhet.
The explosives were intended for creating large-scale destruction and disturbance at public gatherings, said intelligence sources. All explosives were made by Indian Explosives Limited, Gomia-829 112 and QORIKA.


The Independent, 04 October 2015

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